Friday, July 23, 2010

I have made the trip to my new home.

The trip home last night was on the end of a big chain being pulled by a much newer ('66 F250) Truck. I think I'll like it here!

Today they fixed my door and I lock again,

next on the list is a deep clean, than remove the duct tape that holds my windshield in and reinstall it correctly.

Here are some pictures of how they found me.

Someone in the past replaced alot with parts from who knows what...

There is still some original here, enough for a place to start.
There once was a sterio here ... and again will be but um not with those wires.

Not quite abandonded, the last people just never took all their stuff, and I was free to my new family.

318'poly' now that they know what drives me this prosses will go so much simpler.

There will be a huge 'looking for' list once the clean out is done.


  1. Here is a link to my post on our 318 poly:

  2. Well, all you need is to fix its engine and clean the interiors, which should do the trick to make it look appealing again. You should also prioritize the security of your RV; it should be the first thing on your list. After you’re done installing those on your RV, I think it could travel around the country again. :)

    Kurt Bukowski