Friday, July 30, 2010

The cleanout begins!!!

4 nights ago (Monday the 26th of july 2010), I was duct taped for transport! After a gruelling weekend of sitting across the street from my owners house, being tagged by the city for being ugly, and being stared at by neighbors who don't understand that I am beautiful underneath, I was towed to a new location where I am accepted, even admired! So the work begins!

This is me being lifted up by a tow truck, with everything taped down, I feel very loved and protected from my parts falling off, I hope there aren't any bees out, I am so allergic to them and swell up like a battleship!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at all that trash! And thats only the first few feet! I am partly clean, but there is still much to do! I am 27 feet long afterall, and those trash bags are maybe only 8 feet of the trash.... but I am beginning to believe they care about me, and I am feeling beautiful for the first time in years!

I have a floor! It's only particle board right now, but I bet that I am getting new flooring soon. I wonder what it will be. Marble? Spanish tile? Tand G wood? Oh! Maybe that new stuff that I heard talk of, it's called snap laminate! I don't know, and my owners are telling me to be patient and not to worry, whatever it is I just know it will be spectacular! I am so gonna dream of my new floor!

Friday, July 23, 2010

I have made the trip to my new home.

The trip home last night was on the end of a big chain being pulled by a much newer ('66 F250) Truck. I think I'll like it here!

Today they fixed my door and I lock again,

next on the list is a deep clean, than remove the duct tape that holds my windshield in and reinstall it correctly.

Here are some pictures of how they found me.

Someone in the past replaced alot with parts from who knows what...

There is still some original here, enough for a place to start.
There once was a sterio here ... and again will be but um not with those wires.

Not quite abandonded, the last people just never took all their stuff, and I was free to my new family.

318'poly' now that they know what drives me this prosses will go so much simpler.

There will be a huge 'looking for' list once the clean out is done.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have been saved, Just in time.

Parts of my tale will be told by me and parts by my saviors (from here forward known as my family).

Hello My name is Moby I am a 1963 Dodge "Frank" Motorhome, with a 318-A

More about me to fallow later (as they figure it out)

My family is looking to network with others who have knowalge of body, engine & trans.

I was serious when I said I was saved. Below are pictures from the day they inherited (AKA free oh craigslist) me. More later I'm ready for my ride to my new home now...