Friday, July 30, 2010

The cleanout begins!!!

4 nights ago (Monday the 26th of july 2010), I was duct taped for transport! After a gruelling weekend of sitting across the street from my owners house, being tagged by the city for being ugly, and being stared at by neighbors who don't understand that I am beautiful underneath, I was towed to a new location where I am accepted, even admired! So the work begins!

This is me being lifted up by a tow truck, with everything taped down, I feel very loved and protected from my parts falling off, I hope there aren't any bees out, I am so allergic to them and swell up like a battleship!

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Look at all that trash! And thats only the first few feet! I am partly clean, but there is still much to do! I am 27 feet long afterall, and those trash bags are maybe only 8 feet of the trash.... but I am beginning to believe they care about me, and I am feeling beautiful for the first time in years!

I have a floor! It's only particle board right now, but I bet that I am getting new flooring soon. I wonder what it will be. Marble? Spanish tile? Tand G wood? Oh! Maybe that new stuff that I heard talk of, it's called snap laminate! I don't know, and my owners are telling me to be patient and not to worry, whatever it is I just know it will be spectacular! I am so gonna dream of my new floor!

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