Thursday, July 22, 2010

I have been saved, Just in time.

Parts of my tale will be told by me and parts by my saviors (from here forward known as my family).

Hello My name is Moby I am a 1963 Dodge "Frank" Motorhome, with a 318-A

More about me to fallow later (as they figure it out)

My family is looking to network with others who have knowalge of body, engine & trans.

I was serious when I said I was saved. Below are pictures from the day they inherited (AKA free oh craigslist) me. More later I'm ready for my ride to my new home now...


  1. Welcome to the 'dodge motorhome club'. I have a 1964 myself, also with a 318 poly.

    Myrtle - The 1964 Travco Motorhome

  2. Woo hoo! Congratulations; I have an '81 Barth and it's been slow going but exciting to see an older motor home "coming around" after a couple years of slowly working on it. Just got back from a 2200-mile round trip to Montana; not huge but long enough to know what I have to fix next. Good luck on the long road ahead, if you are patient I think you'll find it very rewarding. Um. ...and you'll probably learn way more about mechanical things than you ever intended....

    - Daniel.

  3. We do have our work cut out for us, and thats before we start rebuilding.... We are doing this for the education, history, fun(by the end of this I may have wished I said sadistic pleasure instead), and the unnerving need we have to tinker with things we know nothing about :D

  4. I saw a Dodge motorhome like this on the side of the road in NC. If I had the money I would go make the owner an offer. It would be a complete redo. How is Moby now - six years later?